Final Reflection:

Its no surprise that the world we live in is currently rapidly moving into a more digital era, the fact that information is readily available at the touch of a button suggests that we as educators do indeed need to get on board with this rapid digital movement. Although there are a combination of positives and negatives in regards to moving towards a more digital setting it needs to be said that once again the day and age we live in is rapidly becoming more digital over the other alternatives. With this being the world we live in its not surprise that the education setting also needs to move towards a more digital world as well.

Through the creation of this blog many online and digital technologies have been used, and to be honest personally I have struggled to wrap my head around them. In saying this though I have seen how my understanding of the digital technologies and also why it is vital to use in classroom has also increased. I Thoroughly enjoyed the use of the auditory task, as a visual and auditory learner I found that the use of Powtoon really did help me create and present in a way in which I found to be engaging and also stimulating. When considering future teaching I would highly consider the use of this digital technology as it helped me better understand the topic that I was focusing on.

In a recent article by Mal Lee in 2015, reinforces the idea that students and technology in the 21st century go hand in hand. He goes onto suggest that through research it can be said that both students and teachers felt as though having digital technologies readily available ultimately helped with the overall academic success.

In conclusion, through looking at all of the digital technologies and also at all of the evidence it can be said that moving towards a digital classroom would indeed be the wisest decision. A digital classroom is one that I personally am excited about, having gone through the school system not being super digital it makes me excited to see that the educational system is moving more towards a digital way of education.



Lee, M. (2015). Digital Technology And Student Learning: The Impact Of The Ecology – Part 1. Education Technology Solutions. Retrieved 21 October 2016, from


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