Digital Identities and Digital Security

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In the year 2000 there were approximately 414 million internet users, in the year 2016 there are approximately 3 and a half and counting!!!

That is a drastic increase and with this dramatic increase comes a whole lot of online issues. Digital identities and digital security are now becoming something that every internet user needs to be made aware of, so maybe its time that we educate ourselves on why these topics are rapidly becoming two of the most pressing online issues.

Digital Identity:

A digital identity is an identity that a person claims on an online forum. Through the different social media outlets people can create more then one online identity. Meaning that you can use one social media outlet for a more public space to share ideas with the world and one for a more private use sharing ideas with personal friends and family. It’s important to protect your digital identity and remember that once something is out there online its there for everyone to see.

Digital security:

Doctor Jennifer Howell describes digital security as the pushing out and receiving of information. Digital security links to the digital identity as it is vital that all internet users keep personal details safe and secure. In the digital age we live in keeping our digital identities safe and also protected needs to be vitally important.

Digital footprint:

A digital footprint is everything that you leave behind on any online forum. With social media being all the rage it is important to be mindful of what you are posting online. Once something is out there for the world to see it is extremely hard to take it back and pretend that it never happened.Your digital footprint traces back to you, so be mindful of what you are posting online.

Alos please watch the following video on how to ensure safe practices online.


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